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Moujen Micro Switches

What Are Micro Switches?

Micro switches are simple electronic components. They have two main functions. The first function is to activate a circuit, and the second function is to deactivate a circuit. These kind of switches react to movements, and will only function when its button or actuator gets pushed or returns to its default state.

Micro switches contain electrical contacts that close or open circuits, and those contacts can be usually found on the body of those switches. Conversely, the actuator can be found on the top of the switch. Whenever a target touches the actuator, the limiter will perform its function.

Benefits of Micro Switches

The main benefits of using micro switches are their reliability, ease of installation, and the fact that they can be used in a wide assortment of applications and environments. In addition, the parts of these kind of switches are easy to maintain and replace.

Micro switches are very widely used. They can be found in a regular house-hold items, but looking for them might be difficult since they are usually hidden. A good example of a micro switch can be found in a refrigerator. Whenever the door of a refrigerator opens, the light inside it turns on. That happens because of the micro switch that is installed near the hinges of the door.

Whenever the door opens, the switch’s button is released or returns to its default state, and it will turn on the light inside the refrigerator. On the other hand, when the door closes, the button gets pushed and the switch will then turn off the light.

The switch on the refrigerator is categorized as a spring return micro switch. Spring return switches need physical contact with the target for it to function. Once it loses contact, the spring will set the actuator to its default state.

Another type of micro switch is called a maintained contact switch. This type of switch is almost the same as a spring return switch in that it needs physical contact with the target. However, it needs constant contact, and it will only change state depending on the head’s action. The refrigerator door switch can be also a maintained contact switch.

Standardized Micro Switches

Standardized micro switches have different controller types. Few of them are button, roller plunger, and lever types. Most of them can be usually found on smaller machines used in factories. Additionally, some can be found in circuit boards, photocopiers, and printers. Because of their usability, they can be also found in hoists, grinding machines, radial drills, CNC machines, cash registers, cranes, milling equipment, boring equipment, transfer machines, conveyor systems, escalators, elevators, and many other applications.

Electricians and engineers must know all the things about simple electrical components. Even purchasing agents, construction workers, and maintenance mechanics should have basic knowledge about the functions of these type of common electrical components. If you are not sure about what sort of switch mees your needs, feel free to contact us



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