MJ2-1306 Compact Over Straight Low Profile Overtravel Short Spring Plunger Moujen Micro Switch Maximize

MJ2-1306 Compact Over Straight Low Profile Overtravel Short Spring Plunger Moujen Micro Switch

Buy Moujen MJ2-1306 15A 1/4HP 250VAC 1/2A 125VDC 0.25A 250VDC, IP65 cURus CE approved Free Shipping on orders over $100 US. Fast Delivery One Year Warranty. 1-877-225-5824

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MOUJEN MJ2-1306 MJ21306 Straight Plunger Compact low profile overtravel, Short spring, Low profile overtravel, Compact over plunger,Straight Plunger replaces Honeywell BZ-2RD-A2

OF: Operating Force Max 250-450g

RF: Release Force Min 114g

PT: Pretravel Max 0.5mm

OT: Over Travel Min 1.16mm

DT: Differential Travel Max 0.05mm

OP: Operating Position 21.5±0.5mm


15A 125V or 250V AC

1/8 HP125V AC

1/4 HP 250V AC

1/2A 125V DC

1/4A 250V DC

Limit Switch Crossreference
This item is equivalent to or can substitute these items from other manufacturers
Honeywell BZ-2RD-A2
Omron Z-15GD-B
SAIA Burgess CT2D2-A2, PN4-D2
SAIA Burgess CR1D2, PN4D2
Honeywell BZ-2RDS5551-A2
Honeywell BZ-2RS-A2
Honeywell BZ-2RN-A2
Honeywell BZ-2RS5551-A2
Siemens N/A
Eaton E47BMS02
CutlerHammer E47BMS02
Panasonic AM1306F
Aromat / Nais AM1306F
Allen Bradley N/A
Honeywell BZ-2RD23-A2
Moujen MJ2-1306
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